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    Who’s your favorite dancer??

    We have a lot of World Champions but are they your best dancers of all times? Or maybe you like the most someone who’s never become a champion? This question is very important cause probably define who you want to become in the future. It is very important to watch very good dancers from the beginning of your dance career. You need to observe different styles of dancing to choose the one which you like the most.  Think about it right now..  Do you like more dancers form WDC or WDSF? Do you like couples who have very simple and clear choreography or maybe you prefer more sporty style? Do…

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    German Open Championships 2019

    As 3rd August week went by – another German Open Championships came to an end. During 5 intensive days couples could participate in 45 categories starting from Ballroom dancing Juveniles I and Seniors IV ending with Team Match and Boogie Woogie competitions. GOC is one of the biggest WDSF Competition and to win is as much important as winning World Championships because everyone can participate in this competition which means there are more opponents to beat. For sure the biggest highlights of the GOC 2019 were the PD Professional Super Grand Prix Standard and Latin as well as the WDSF Grand Slam Standard and Latin. In the PD Professional Super…

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    Dance competition

    Are you a big fan of dancing shows like Dancing with the stars or World of dance and you hope to dance on the stage some day? I will try to to tell you more about professional dancing competitions in ballroom dancing In Ballroom dancing we have 10 dances in 2 styles Standard and Latin  Standard Dances: Slow Waltz Tango Viennese waltz Slowfox Quickstep Latin dances: Samba  Cha cha Rumba  Paso Doble Jive If you want to take part in dancing competition you have to learn up 10 choreographies which are approximately 1,5-2 minutes long. Sometimes the couples are not changing their choreographies for some years but they don’t know…

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    Retirement of the year!

    Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova retire from competitions Directly after the Team Match during Blackpool 2019 we recieved big news from Arunas and Katusha – they announced that they retire from competetive dancing. They were dancing together for 12 years and since 10 years they were undefeated champions. They danced in Professional (WDC). “Our Dear Dancing Friends, Looking back, we find it so interesting and serendipitous, that the first competition in Britain for both of us, was Blackpool Dance Festival in 1994. Needless to say, it was a step in a very long and successful journey, which brings us to this point tonight. When we started dancing together 12 years…

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    How to pack for a Competition?

    Think backward! The things you wear at the competition are the most important! This means: 1. Dress/Competition Outfit + Accessories* 2. Shoes (always take 2 pairs… just in case)* 3. Cosmetics for your Face and Body 4. Cosmetics&Accessories for your hair. * things like your dress and shoes should always be with you – especially if you are flying to your competition. Don’t risk it. Take it in your hand luggage. You can also put some basic cosmetics (10 liquids each up to 100ml) inside your bag. If all of those things are in your luggage put some kimono, slippers and scarf – something comfy but not too tight which…

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    Friday Motivation: Donnie Burns & Gaynor Fairweather

    When you think about Dance Legends there is no way to not mention the people who created the Latin Dancing as we see it now! Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather: 14 times World Professional Latin American Champion and this record was not broken by anyone else yet! 11 times Champions of the International Championships in Professional Latin American Dance Donnie and Gaynor were unbeatable at any competition they participated for 15 consecutive years of their competetive dancing career! And this winning streak was added in the Guinness Book of Records. Also Donnie and Gaynor are Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) Donnie and Gaynor were…

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    National Championships in Russia and Germany

    This Saturday we had not one but two big national Championships. German Championship were taken in Kamen with 61 starting couples including 12 star couples who didn’t have to dance the first round. Russian Championship took place in Moscow with 155 couples. This was the least amount of couples during Russian Championship Adult since years or maybe even ever! In Germany the first two couples are going to the European and World Championship so we can see if something will surprise us there. In Russia the first and the second couple are going to World Championship and to European Championship the first and the third – which is actually interesting,…

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    Friday Motivation

    You don’t just dance. You perform. You breathe. You watch the world disappear. You release your feelings. You lead with your heart. You tear down your walls. You lose the pain. You let go. You smile. No, You don’t just dance, You do so much more. All the dancers around the world be AWESOME this weekend!!! I’m not talking about the result. Make something MAJOR on the dancefloor. Good luck!

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    How to become a CHAMPION?

    Do you want to be a successfull dancer? Here are our suggestions: The decisive reason of your success is not just your talent, but the number of hours spent effectively training. Hold on to your trainer. A wise, creative trainer is a key to success through planning trainings, competitions and workouts. Remember he or she wants (we hope) your success the same way you want it. Create a solid team with your dance partner. Set the rules for the communication in the partnership, check and try out which training methods are the best for you. Be careful when it comes to criticize or train your partner, but work out a…