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Top 5 Exclusive Latin Shoes

Dancing shoes are very important for the ballroom dancers. They can make you feel comfy and stable or they can be just not the right ones for you and make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. It’s very important to choose wisely the best shoes for yourself because most of them are very expensive.

Today we wanna show you our favourite!

No. 5 SUPADANCE (England)

Last place in our ranking. Very nice looking, beautiful shoes. Worn by Joanna Leunis or Yulia Musikhina. Comfortable at the beginning, but after short amount of time getting loose and distorted. Not really worth investing, especially if you wanna use them for everyday trainings.

No. 4 RAY ROSE (England)

Very unique shoes worn by great dancers (Yulia Zagouruychenko, Melia). Nice design and different ‘tan’ colour of the shoes makes them look very special of the floor. Regardless – not for everyone. They can be either great or totally not fitting your feet.


Soft fabric of the shoe, very thin sole and very thin stripes makes you feel like you are wearing typical good quality Italian shoes. But again: it won’t work for everyone. This kind of delicate shoes will go well with small, thiny lady (Nina Bezzubova, Anna Melnikova, Ina Jeliazkova). Some can feel not as stable and comfortable.


Great quality shoes, which should work for everybody. Different type of heels, different type of shoes but all vey stable and long lasting. Looking very nice on the feet (especially with Ultra Slim heel). Worn by many great dancers (Nino Dzneladze, Zia James, Viktoriya Kharchenko).

No. 1 AIDA (Russia)

By far number one. Great quality, great desing. Extremaly comfortable shoes. Special profiled heel makes you very stable and secure (even if it’s 9cm high!). Worn by top dancers like Dasha Chesnokova, Andra Vaidilaite, Oxana Lebedew, Karina Smirnoff or Anna Kuzminskaya. Best shoes out there. Highly recommended!

Don’t forget! When choosing your pair of shoes – use all the time you have. Great shoes can be your best friends. Don’t buy something because the World Champion is dancing in it. It may not work for you and you will waste a lot of money! Do your research, try all options you have and choose whats the best for you!

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