National Championships in Russia and Germany

This Saturday we had not one but two big national Championships. German Championship were taken in Kamen with 61 starting couples including 12 star couples who didn’t have to dance the first round.

Russian Championship took place in Moscow with 155 couples. This was the least amount of couples during Russian Championship Adult since years or maybe even ever!

In Germany the first two couples are going to the European and World Championship so we can see if something will surprise us there.

In Russia the first and the second couple are going to World Championship and to European Championship the first and the third – which is actually interesting, because the third couple has also the chance to represent their country at an international championship, but unfortunately we know already that the 3rd Russian couple won’t have any chance to enter the European final.

The result at German Championship were the same like last year:

  1. Marius-Andrei Balan & Kristina Moshenska
  2. Timur Imametdinov & Nina Bezzubova
  3. Artur Balandin & Anna Salita
  4. Zsolt Sandor Cseke & Malika Dzumaev
  5. Razvan Dumitrescu & Jacqueline Joos
  6. Arthur Ankerstein & Georgiana Barbu

Marius and Kristina won all 5 dances, which was quite surprising because Timur and Nina had a good judging panel for them. The only dance which Timur almost won was Rumba (Timur got 4 first places and Marius 5). Semifinal was full with some new and fresh, but also very similar level couples who are not known on the international level yet. Also as you can see from the names of the final couples – they are not many german born dancers. First two couples are Romanian, Ukrainian, Latvian and Russian!!

The results from Russian Championship were way more interesting:

  1. Armen Tsaturyan & Svetlana Gudyno
  2. Andrey Gusev & Vera Bondareva
  3. Anton Aldaev & Natalia Poluhina
  4. Semen Khrzanovsky & Elizaveta Lykhina
  5. Maksim Efimov & Evgenija Churikova
  6. Oleg Chzhen & Alina Ageeva

First three places were quite obvious – Armen and Svetlana are World Champions and they didn’t lost a single competition since January 2018. Andrey and Vera have also very strong 4th position in the World Ranking right now, both couples are from Team Diablo. Anton and Natalia were fourth last year but last years third place couple splitted. Surprises are coming from 4th place. Since last year there was only one free place inside this final, but this year 3 new (and young!) couples entered the final and 2 couples from last years final stayed in semi-final! Obviously these couples were very dissapointed and they even critisized the new final couples and the dancesport itself!

But more on that in the new post…

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