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How to pack for a Competition?

Think backward! The things you wear at the competition are the most important! This means:

1. Dress/Competition Outfit + Accessories*

2. Shoes (always take 2 pairs… just in case)*

3. Cosmetics for your Face and Body

4. Cosmetics&Accessories for your hair.

* things like your dress and shoes should always be with you – especially if you are flying to your competition. Don’t risk it. Take it in your hand luggage. You can also put some basic cosmetics (10 liquids each up to 100ml) inside your bag.

If all of those things are in your luggage put some kimono, slippers and scarf – something comfy but not too tight which you can wear between the rounds without destroying you tan. Often we have longer breaks between the rounds – sometimes even between first rounds and evening gala. In this time you shouldn’t wear your competition dress and shoes – you should rest and be dressed comfortable and warm!

After this, things which can save you life are for sure sewing kit and glue.

You should also remember about things like towel, hand mirror, brush (or special liquid) for your shoes and cleaning wipes.

Apart from it don’t forget about things which you won’t wear at the competition but are also important – all the cosmetics you need for preparing your skin before make up and all the things which helps you remove your make up(cotton pads, eye shadow remover), as well basic things like your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and massage glove (if you are using removable tan).

Don’t forget about your pyjama, underwear (especially the one for the competition) and clothes for each day of your trip. Please try to wear something comfortable especially on the day of the competition and the day before. It’s not the best idea to walk whole day in you high heels or uncomfortable shoes. Your feet should rest before important day.

There are things you should buy one day before the comp – we don’t recommend buying it at home and then flying with it:

  1. Water – better have more than not enough. If you know you have one full day of Comp or maybe even two – 6 pack is always a good idea.
  2. Bananas
  3. Snacks (dark chocolate, nuts, rice waffels) – this will give you energy but won’t make you feel heavy and full.

Things which you should care about on the day of the Competition are:

  1. Good, long night sleep. Don’t stay awake and don’t party before your Comp! If you know you need to stay up around 5am go to bed early enough and rest.
  2. Healthy breakfast. Try to eat something what will give you energy for the competition but also won’t make you heavy.
  3. Healthy lunch. This depends on your break during the competition. If you have 2 hours break you can eat someting bigger, for example nuddles or rice with chicken – something what will give you energy but won’t make you full. Try not to eat fat things, or fast foods. This won’t give you energy and will make you feel heavy in your stomache. If you don’t have so much time then stick with bananas, nuts, dark chocolate or maybe rice waffels.

When you just start to pack for your competitions, and you are not sure if you have everything on your mind and in your luggage – make a list. Ckeck our post once again for the things you need and remember to always have the most important things with you with your hand luggage! And these are your dresses and your shoes – the most expensive things and the hardest to buy on the comp. Everything else you should be able to buy or borrow before or during your competition.

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