Dance competition

Are you a big fan of dancing shows like Dancing with the stars or World of dance and you hope to dance on the stage some day? I will try to to tell you more about professional dancing competitions in ballroom dancing

In Ballroom dancing we have 10 dances in 2 styles Standard and Latin 

Standard Dances:

Slow Waltz


Viennese waltz



Latin dances:


Cha cha


Paso Doble


If you want to take part in dancing competition you have to learn up 10 choreographies which are approximately 1,5-2 minutes long. Sometimes the couples are not changing their choreographies for some years but they don’t know which music will be played on the competition so it looks always a bit different.

Competition are starting early in the morning around 9 a.m. and ending around 11 p.m. Sometimes even later.

Dancers need to prepare themselves like making a hairstyle which will hold the whole day and getting their make up done. Even guys need to put some makeup on to not look so white in the spotlights. Girls need to tan their body to make it look very good in all the lighting. So if a competition starts at 9 a.m. girls need to get up around 6 a.m. to have enough time for all the preparations. Boys don’t need so long for hair and makeup. You need also to eat something before the competition which should not be less than 2h before it starts. So that you have enough time to warm up before the first round. The numbers of rounds is depending on the number of couples participating in the category. Sometimes it stars with the quarter final but on very big competitions it may start  from 1/64 finals. The judges ( 11-13)  are selecting in each round half of the couples to next round. For example in the semi final we have 12 couples left and the judges give in every dance 6 marks to in their opinion 6 best couples. In the final the couples get places from 1-6 ( 1 place is the best so it’s not a point system like in Dancing with the Stars)

This is a very beautiful sport/art in one. You need to work very hard, practice every day and be very dedicated to achieve something in your professional career. But it’s worth it. It is good to start training  as a kid but if you want start competing now it’s possible because there is a category like pro am (professional dancer dance with amateur) and  you can choose how many and which dances you want to learn in the beginning. In the competition you don’t have to dance both styles. You can choose for example only latin and for beginning dance only cha cha rumba and jive. 

It’s a great opportunity for everyone to make their dreams come true and some day dance on a stage in a beautiful dress with your hair and makeup on.

If you want to start the best option is to find dance school in your city which have this option pro am and start classes and take individual dance lessons with your teacher and partner in one. Good luck !

In next post we will write more about competitions and dancers! Stay tuned.

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