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Why Do Top Couples split?

Few days ago very sad news spread all around social media. The top WDSF Latin couple Timur Imametdinov & Nina Bezzubova (representing Germany) split.

What led to this decision? Why did it happen? All the answers you find in our article below.

It all started with love. There is a reason why most top Amateur and Professionals couples are together in their private life. When you are on a certain level you need 100% commitment in what you are doing. This means you put your dancing carrier in front of everything else. You spent a lot of time travelling – to competitions, to take lessons, to participate in camps or to teach. Sometimes you even travel to train with your partner – just like Timur and Nina. And with 2000 kilometers apart it’s not easy to find time and effort to make it work on a top level where you are in constant pressure to keep your position and not loose…

This was the case of Nina and Timur. She was based in Germany, he in Moscow. The things got more complicated when Timur got married and became a father. Now there was someone else to carry about. There was less time for travellings and trainings. The family came first. Another problem is, as many of russian athletes know, the visa problem. As a Russian citizen it’s not easy to fly to Europe. With normal Schengen Visa you have only 90 days in Europe during one year and it’s not much!

Meanwhile Nina fell in love and started dating Evgeny Vinokurov – once a top German dancer, now dancer in German edition of “Dancing with the stars”. They know each other for a long time now but they are a couple for around one year and now they decided also to dance together. And apparently it was Nina’s idea! We for sure will see them at the German Championships in 2020 and we are hoping that those two will get directly to the top!

When it comes to Timur – he is surely happily married and also very happy in his role as a father. He has became a father few months ago to a beautiful baby boy. The rumors says – he may change to Professionals. If it’s true – and if yes then with who? We don’t know. But we hope to find out soon.

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