• Motivation

    Friday Motivation

    “A good dancer is not necessarily defined by great technique, skill, or ability to pick up choreography but by confidence. When you feel the music, it penetrates to your soul. Everybody’s a dancer. The greatest dancer is someone who is willing to dance, not afraid.” Alyssa Edwards

  • Dance Shoes

    Top 5 Exclusive Latin Shoes

    Dancing shoes are very important for the ballroom dancers. They can make you feel comfy and stable or they can be just not the right ones for you and make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. It’s very important to choose wisely the best shoes for yourself because most of them are very expensive. Today we wanna show you our favourite! No. 5 SUPADANCE (England) Last place in our ranking. Very nice looking, beautiful shoes. Worn by Joanna Leunis or Yulia Musikhina. Comfortable at the beginning, but after short amount of time getting loose and distorted. Not really worth investing, especially if you wanna use them for everyday trainings. No. 4…

  • Dancing News

    Welcome to the world of Dance!

    Maybe you just started to dance, or maybe you are already dancing your whole life. But it doesn’t matter! There is always room for learning, improving and knowing more! We want to welcome you to the dancing world which you didn’t knew before. Introduce you to dance couples that are truly legends. Show you the best teachers in the world. Show you dancing legends! Help you choose the best shoes and give you inspirations of the best looks at training and on the floor, so you can be the best version of yourself! Follow us.